to do list:
  • make commissions page
  • make a page for my ocs/sonas

Site Updates:
5.5.2023: Updated about page and blinkies page.
2.4.2023: Added art gallery pages.
1.26.2023: Updated about page.
1.22.2023: Made an about page and moved blinkies and stamps to their own page.
1.21.2023: Added a to-do list and moved some graphics around.
1.20.2023: Page created.

hi everyone welcome to my page! im new to neocities so this is a super huge work in progress >__<
im excited to learn more about coding and html stuff as i work on this site... im mostly planning on using this page as a personal site and as a place to keep commission info
a little bit about me... im francis (they/them), im an artist. you can check out my art blog here i make digital art and also art dolls and things
you can also check out my personal blog here