pickle chips

(or pickles for short)

pronouns: they/them
age: same as me :3
species: dog and also maybe seal? depends on the day
likes: rainy days, the color green, horror movies, longform youtube videos about obscure things
dislikes: bell peppers, temperatures above 70° F
Pin of two anthropomorphic grey cats in dresses Pin of a cat holding a bunch of balloons Pin with a seal illustration that says Seal of approval Pin that says I'm not myself today. Maybe I'm you. Pin that says Doing strange things in the name of art Pin of a spider that says Don't bug me!
this is my fursona! i originally designed them as a mascot for my neocities site but then they became my main sona
Gir plush
Gir plush
Pink graphing calculator
Casio graphing calculator
Jar of pickles
Jar of dill pickles