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about me

hi!!! im francis and my pronouns are they/them. im a 22 yr old college student currently studying Math Stuff. im also an artist. i like to try out a bunch of different mediums but i mainly focus on digital art and making puppets/art dolls/plushies

favorite movies:

nausicaa of the valley of the wind, the last unicorn, creep 2, chicken run, the dark crystal, ginger snaps, amelie, mirrormask, everything everywhere all at once

favorite tv shows:

supernatural, hunter x hunter, alien nine, wallace and gromit, better call saul, soul eater, adventure time, riverdale, mlp, dark crystal: age of resistance

favorite music:

carly rae jepsen, kate bush, fiona apple, vylet pony, kishi bashi, hatsune miku

favorite games:

deltarune, silent hill, celeste, night in the woods, portal 2

other interests:

puppetry, stop motion, whales, owls

blinkies and stamps collection:

quiz results:

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Which Vocaloid Are You?
Which Member of the Mane 7 Are You?

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